Vignan Pharmacy College


Vision of Department

To emerge as a leading centre of excellence in Pharmaceutical Sciences of high standard to product internationally accepted pharmacy professionals entre[reneurs in pharmaceutical industry and health care system to contribute their best with socio-ethical consiousness.

Mission of the Department

M1: Implement modern pedagogical methods in Teaching Learning Process to inculcate Pharmaceutical knowledge

M2: Provide excellent laboratory and research facilities to meet out the pharmaceutical industrial needs and to pursue higher education and research.

M3: Transform into dedicated profesionals with the sense of socio ethical values, critical thinking, leadershio and entrepreneurship abilities

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

PEO1: (Academic & Career Aptitiude):

Exemplify persistently high level of technical proficiency in deisgn, sysnthesis, analsysis, formulation, chemical and biological evaluation of pharmaceutical products to pursue their career successfully.

PEO2: (Higher education & Research)

Develop competency in the specialized areas of Pharmaceutical Sciences with analytical and critical thinking to facilitate higher education and research.

PEO3: (Professional ethics)

Proficiently perform as a individual with leadership qualities, team spirit, communication, communication, creative thinking adorned with social consciousness and ethical values.